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Prestige Chart + Explorer Pack

Due to customer demand we have streamlined our product range to include an Explorer Pack with all Prestige Charts. When you order a Prestige Chart we research and create a chart focused on a location specified by you. We can research to town or townland level or even to a farm. Townlands are an integral part of the Irish land division system and every address in Ireland belongs to a specific townland. Each chart is individually researched, and will carry your personal or family name on the chart as requested by you.

To see an example of the chart click our ‘See Our Product’ page. Additional copies of your chart can be purchased at a reduced rate, if you want to share the findings with friends or relatives. Our Explorer Pack contains a copy of your report text from the chart and background information and references used to compile this. Also included are a laminated A4 map and table of sites to visit that you can use as a field guide for personal exploration. You also receive a data disc with a digital copy of information contained in the explorer pack. This is ideal if you want to ‘get into the field’ and explore your archaeology firsthand!

Our Prestige Chart combined with the Explorer Pack retails for €399. To order a Prestige Chart and Explorer Pack (or for other currencies) click our Order Your Chart page or order directly by clicking here.

Something Special

Are you looking for that extra special personalisation? Maybe you want to have particular buildings that relate to your family included on the chart, or would like a chart adapted with a bride and groom’s details for a wedding gift. We are happy to discuss your needs, just drop us a line at to discuss it with us.

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